Don Dao



Don Dao

Master Stylist

It was at a very young age that Don discovered his passion for hair design. He spent his time experimenting on his younger sister’s hair, creating styles he copied while accompanying his mother to the salon. He did not fully understand that his curiosity would one day guide him into a thriving career. As time passed, Don realized his love for beauty, fashion, and most of all hair design.

When Don was a senior in high school, he decided to pursue his passion and attended cosmetology school. Cosmetology school proved to be the missing puzzle piece that elevated him to fully leverage his creative mind. After working more than 14 years behind the chair, he has established a proven track record of success. His responsiveness to detail and creativity has fueled a strong and loyal client base. He is a visionary who has traveled the world to learn and observe revolutionary techniques in the hair industry. His exceptional eye for hair design and color allows him to meet the needs of his clients. His techniques rival some of the top hair designers in the industry. Don continues to attend educational classes to allow him to stay fresh and on trend. His innovative thinking allows him to push the limits and set new trends that attract clients from all walks of life. He is a “one of a kind” who uses his knowledge and love for hair to transform his clients each and every time. Each experience with Don is designed to leave you feeling energized, empowered, and most of all beautiful!

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